Wednesday, May 15, 2013

California EPA Library - part-time

The Research Division of the California Air Resources Board is seeking a part time Librarian to assist in its Science and Law Libraries. The two libraries serve the scientific/engineering and legal staff working in California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) headquarters building in Sacramento and in regional/satellite offices throughout California, as well as requests from the public. The Librarian provides reference/research, document retrieval, and interlibrary loan services for all Library users.

The Librarian performs independent research to meet requests for specific information. The Librarian will direct daily operation of the Law Library, oversee vendor contracts, process and catalog new materials, maintain online catalogs, and provide training to staff. The California EPA Library includes small print collections for science and law; online subscriptions to approximately 100 scientific journals; and searching and document retrieval for staff. We are looking to provide new online tools for staff as well as improve our existing collection. The Librarian will participate in helping to plan the future direction of the Library as well as the daily operations.

Full job announcement is here:

Applicants must be working as a Librarian in state civil service, or be on a Librarian civil service list. To get on the list fill out the application and questionnaire: 

Application deadline is May 24, 2013

Please contact Jim Behrmann with any questions:
Jim Behrmann, MPH Cal/EPA Library Supervisor
ARB, Research Division
1001 I Street, 2nd floor
Mail: P.O. Box 2815 Sacramento, CA 95812 916-322-8278


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